Dan Fante . . .

In New York, Bruno Dante’s life is a train wreck. A call comes from L.A.: his screenwriter father is in a coma and not expected to live. The next three weeks on the streets of Los Angeles will alter Bruno Dante forever. Chump Change is an extremely touching book. Dan Fante expresses the bewilderment of his hero and his own bewilderment with a rawness, a crudeness and a shock, which never stifles the tenderness and compassion he has for his characters. This book is a beautiful homage addressed to his father.

The Fante’s, father and son, have been a major new discovery for me in these last few years. I can’t think of the West Coast … without them. I first read Dan’s Chump Change in French … and I know why the French like this book and its quirky angers. It gives an honest misfits view of America far too few know.
—John Fowles

Don’t miss Chump Change. It is passionate, obscene and quite wonderful.
Los Angeles Times

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