Robert Steven Rhine . . .

...this is one sick purppy
   —Satan, Hell

You are floating down the terrifyingly humorous, wildly imaginative and dangerously entertaining ride down the subconscious rapids of Robert Steven Rhine. Put on your life vest. It’s going to be a wild ride. Here are thirty brain-jolting short stories guaranteed to keep you flipping pages until your fingers bleed. Award-winning fiction which will pry open your eyes and pluck them out for a field trip to the dark side of humor and the light side of horror. Disturbing original tales that range from science fiction to contemporary, fantasy to detective, comedy to horror: From a psychology student who tries to drive himself insane, to a low-life ex-cop who can’t give up his beat; from a fur wearing socialite trapped at the zoo, to a military testing program on human guinea pigs; from a coroner with a creepy hobby, to a man snowed-in with his pet wolf; from a convict with supernatural abilities, to a boy who catches ideas behind trains; from a land of warrior hermaphrodites, to a stressed out employee who does battle with his dress shoes … and much, much more. What all the stories have in common is a uniquely dark vision and a twisted
comedic bent which sucks the reader unflinchingly into Rhine’s escaping brain.

Horror and humor can be a popular mix, and My Brain Escapes Me presents both.
—Publisher’s Weekly

Robert Steven Rhine’s BRAIN is a marvelous place to visit, full of wonderful characters hiding in dark corners . . . The kind of book I love to take to bed with me at night.
—Tom Fontana, executive producer/creator/writer NBC’s
“Homicide: Life on the Street” and HBO’s “Oz”

Trade paperback - 352 pages - $16.95
6" x 9" - ISBN 0041543188

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