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Danny Valdez was born in the low-end suburb of Mesa, Arizona. What is so astonishing about Danny is not that he triumphed over an unconventional childhood filled with guns, alcohol, and some neglect, but rather how he embraces and cherishes his complicated boyhood, with all its flaws. His story is heartbreaking, comical, and insightful—an openhearted and audaciously honest portrayal of a mixed Mexican/white boy emerging into adulthood.

Walkin' with the Beast is the book for all of us who have to wade through life not dreaming of our futures, but hoping we just have one. Valdez's ability to effortlessly encapsulate a collective generation's hopes and fears is the strongest aspect of this work, and regardless of your background, he has this way of transporting you into his world, to see life from a completely different perspective, and come out of it a changed person. There's a brutal honesty behind every word, every page. You start reading right from the dedication to his son, and suddenly its four hours later and you're only now realizing how much he pulled you into his world. Walkin' with the Beast is a breathtaking examination of a world only a few people get to experience in life, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a new perspective of their own. —User Review, Google Books

Danny Valdez is a much-needed American wordslinger of the 21st century. His debut book, "Walkin' With The Beast" is light in mass, but heavy in soul. From page one, the reader is enveloped in Valdez's reality, which may be eerily familiar to some, and completely alien to others. In either case, his honest, no bullshit writing style pulls you in. Valdez has an uncanny ability to spin tales of real life, while drawing out heart-wrenching bits of modern day philosophy from his experiences. His stories are like fables, but with indifferent observations rather than morals.  —User Review, Google Books

"Tough, edgy, no nonsense prose/poetry with the rough touch of rap music. Just what I like best!"
                              —John Martin

"Danny Valdez is an important voice in our changing American culture. He writes with the philosophical insight of a man twice his young age. His unassuming style is deceptively powerful and poignantly haunting. I found myself thinking about him long after I closed the book."
                              —Pamela "Cupcakes" Wood,
                               author of Charles Bukowski's Scarlet

"Danny Valdez will cut into your heart—open your eyes—and put a lump in your throat. This guy's the real deal."
                              —Dan Fante,
                               author of Chump Change

Trade Paperback, 230 pages—$15.95
6" x 9" Fiction/Poetry • ISBN: 978-0-941543-70-5

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